LOOK OF THE DAY: the punks are finally taking acid


(pant - ZARA; top - H&M; sac - ZARA; shoe - ALDO)

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted! Moving to Toronto and getting settled into my new apartment has been keeping me a little busy! I've also been spending a great deal of time at Flare Magazine ever since I was granted their fashion editorial internship. Working with Fiona Green, the magazine's lovely Fashion Editor, has thus far proven to be both an exceptionally pleasant and insightful experience. I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to work within this industry that I love so very much in an area that doesn't necessarily rely so much upon my experience as a writer. Not that I don't enjoy writing! Quite the opposite. In fact, I will be posting a piece for the Vancouver Sun very soon. I'm just happy to be learning about something new - and that my beautiful white desk at Flare is by a window!

In other news, Lindsay and I will be launching a new blog to document our lives in the big city within the next month or so. While I can't yet talk about some of the projects we'll be working on (and writing about), I can tell you that I will be moving my fashion posts over from ad idem to the new website when it's finally up!

Listening to: The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid - FIDLAR