FASHION WEEK IS ALMOST HERE! Strangely it didn't really hit me until a few days ago when I started receiving show invitations from New York. Though I wish more than anything that I could be in New York for Fashion Week, I feel duty bound in my last semester at McGill to attend my classes. Having said that, you will see me at the shows in Montreal.

Martin Lim is showing this season, and I couldn't be more excited! If you'll recall, Natalie and I attended the semi-finals for the first annual Mercedes-Benz StartUp competition in Vancouver this summer. Though Martin Lim wasn't among the West Coast finalists, they won the competition at the finale in Toronto during LG Fashion Week.

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LOOK OF THE DAY: where my thoughts can take a nap


(knit sweater - H&M; sheer blouse; purse - vintage)

Hey Hey! Okay, goodbye!

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LOOK OF THE DAY: hear the sound of failing love as I wonder where you are.


(blouse - vintage; fur headband - vintage; denim - H&M; stompers - vintage)

I'm so sorry for not posting! I hurt my knee a week ago and have been cooped up indoors since then. It is feeling much better now though. Today I put my hair up! Usually I don't because I have weird suspicions that make me think I will have a bad day if it's up.. I know that's really silly, especially because I'm really not a superstitious person, but yea!

In other news.. Lindsay and I booked our train tickets yesterday for reading week!! We're heading down to Toronto in February and I'm looking forward to getting out of Montreal for a bit. I think the last time I was on a train was when I traveled from Geneva to Paris a few years ago. It's such a nice way to travel.

UPDATE: I also should mention that we're not staying in Toronto, most of the time we will be spending time in Brantford with Lindsay's lovely parents!

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all the stars were shining bright


HELLO. Last night Lindsay and I DJ'd again at Korova - the little club we often go to just around the corner. It was great fun, but the night was hampered slightly by the fact I couldn't dance because my knee is a little bit hurt at the moment. Today I'm stuck in bed under strict orders to rest. Hope everyone had a good night!

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LOOK OF THE DAY: can you make your words untold? they are flashing far from home


(sequin shorts - Simons; blouse - vintage; coattail blazer; wedge boots - ALDO)

HEY HEY. It's snowing again. I wanted to do a shoot yesterday when the sun was shining, but couldn't find the time. Maybe sometime this weekend we can find a moment to catch the light. The little gold pendant I'm wearing was a recent gift from Natalie and Meryl. It is really beautiful and matches my other ones perfectly. I wear one from my mother, one from my father and now I will wear one from my best friends.

Though I intended to throw out the pair of baggy light wash jeans I bought for my Halloween costume in October, lately I've found myself daydreaming about wearing them with a skinny heel and an oversized blazer. The influences of Swedish bloggers Angelica Blick and Annemiek Kessels are clearly very strong!

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Finally!! I've been looking for the perfect ear cuff for months now. I found this one on ASOS and ordered it immediately! I've also been looking for a pair of good quality sequin shorts. These I found upstairs at Simons Boutique, on sale from $130. The only problem: they tore the tights I wore with them.

We're all celebrating Lindsay's birthday tomorrow night by going out for dinner and then back to my apartment for her favourite chocolate mousse cake. I suppose one of these days I'll have to start studying..

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LOOK OF THE DAY: we're still wild and young


(blazer - vintage; legging; white tank; LITA)

So I can't explain it, but for some reason I've just been so happy lately! Even though the snow was pouring down today, I nearly skipped home. I've always been a really happy person, but now more than ever I'm realizing that one shouldn't spend any time being bored, mad, sad or whatever else. In our twenties, we are more fun, beautiful and free than we ever will be again. Why waste it?

No, I'm not crazy. I think I've just had a little epiphany is all.

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LOOK OF THE DAY: the golden hour

[natalie + tamara]

(tamara - skirt - H&M; blouse - H&M; platforms - Jeffrey Campbell LITA) (natalie - velvet leggings; sequin jacket - vintage; blouse; boot - ALDO)

Natalie and I have been reunited!! We met up in Vancouver and then drove to Victoria, where we had dinner and went to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Today we did a shoot down by the water, and are now cozied up with Mer watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sadly my flight back to Montreal is tomorrow. I had such a wonderful break and I'm really not ready to go back East yet!

| photography by Meryl Olivier




HAPPY NEW YEAR! To celebrate the start of 2012, I did something that I've being avoiding for months..I cut my hair! My new "short" do is much easier to deal with. I've also decided that it's time for me to get back to my fashion roots, by re-vamping my closet. Pictured above is a new black leather skirt, cream blouse, gold hair tie and black skinny jean.

Another of my New Year's resolutions is to do more photo shoots. Though Andrew and I barely saw each other first semester and couldn't find the time to take photos, we plan to try harder this year. I'm going to have to buy an SLR camera at some point though because, come graduation, he's moving out of Montreal and I'll be left without a photographer. Did you hear that Lindsay? Start practicing!

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