LOOK OF THE DAY: and it feels like it should today


(blouse - ZARA; denim - H&M; studded shoe - ALDO)

Montreal is beautiful in the summer, not sure if you knew that, but it is! A little hot, but I don't mind. Last night there was a great thunderstorm - lightning, thunder and pouring rain. Naturally I decided to sit on my balcony the whole time, getting soaking wet in the process. When the downpour really started, a friend and I ran barefoot through the streets, laughing at all the people who weren't enjoying their swim!

I went shopping downtown recently and bought a few items that I really love. The shoes pictured above are my favourite; ones I've been searching for since before the new year. I still have to find a dress for my graduation. A tulip-skirted, cream coloured embroidered dress would be just perfect. 

Today my roommate and I are enjoying the heat, sipping lemonade and letting the sun tan our skin!    

Listening to: Woods - Rain On

| photography by Andrew Bonnell

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