LOOK OF THE DAY: and I'm tempted to duel even the sun.


` I'll dash the flames, and kill it with my gun.

Unfortunately I had to work a bit later than usual tonight, so I didn't have any time to do my hair or put on makeup before the shoot for fear of losing the light. I think it was worth it though, because the shots turned out really well. I know my sneakers are really tattered, but I love them like this - it gives them character! The tee shirt is one I bought this weekend about five minutes after I spotted it. Tonight I watched an episode of the tv show GIRLS with a bowl of Lucky Charms. This Friday is my 22nd birthday and after that I know it'll be harder to get away with acting like such a kid.

Until then though!

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


  1. Hi!:) Love this post, you are so pretty and i love your pics:) Found today your blog and i´m a new follower! Hope you can follow my baby blog back :) Kisses


  2. Thats a cool look!!
    Love you wifey.