three. sixty. five.


Mira and Thilday of the blog 365 Days are two of my favourite Swedish fashionistas. I've posted about them in the past, but after seeing their latest video, felt compelled to do so once more! Now all I want to do is travel to Sri Lanka, drink coconut milk on the beach and listen to the Drums. Oh summer, where are you?

Tonight I'm attending this magazine launch party and then perhaps going to Motown to visit our DJ friends!

Happy Thursday :)

| video property of 365 Days and KANAL.SE


LOOK OF THE DAY: when the sun goes down in a fog


(skirt - H&M; shirt/dress - vintage; shoe - ZARA)

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


I was walking with a ghost. I said please, please don't insist.


After four years, two majors, forty courses, thousands of readings and over five hundred essay pages written, I am finally graduating from McGill University! I'll be staying in Montreal for the summer, but come September my friend Lindsay and I are packing up our bags and moving to Toronto! Although I will always love Montreal, as far as big league fashion journalism, styling, design etc. goes there is no better place to be in Canada than the big TO. I also can't help thinking that Toronto is only a hop, skip and jump away from New York.

The photos posted above are from an editorial in the March issue of Elle Magazine called 'The Seeker'. When I came across them on FashionGoneRogue.com I couldn't stop staring. However, for the first time it wasn't the clothes that kept me coming back to take another look, but the backgrounds. Somehow photographer Laura Bartley managed to capture each photo's setting so beautifully that you almost feel like you're there, making model Vlada Roslyakova look like little more than a prop.


| photos property of Elle Magazine