LOOK OF THE DAY: hear the sound of failing love as I wonder where you are.


(blouse - vintage; fur headband - vintage; denim - H&M; stompers - vintage)

I'm so sorry for not posting! I hurt my knee a week ago and have been cooped up indoors since then. It is feeling much better now though. Today I put my hair up! Usually I don't because I have weird suspicions that make me think I will have a bad day if it's up.. I know that's really silly, especially because I'm really not a superstitious person, but yea!

In other news.. Lindsay and I booked our train tickets yesterday for reading week!! We're heading down to Toronto in February and I'm looking forward to getting out of Montreal for a bit. I think the last time I was on a train was when I traveled from Geneva to Paris a few years ago. It's such a nice way to travel.

UPDATE: I also should mention that we're not staying in Toronto, most of the time we will be spending time in Brantford with Lindsay's lovely parents!

Listening to: Dead Sound by the Raveonettes and Pass This On by the Knife

| photo by Andrew Bonnell

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  1. Andrew has magic in his camera.