LOOK OF THE DAY: the golden hour

[natalie + tamara]

(tamara - skirt - H&M; blouse - H&M; platforms - Jeffrey Campbell LITA) (natalie - velvet leggings; sequin jacket - vintage; blouse; boot - ALDO)

Natalie and I have been reunited!! We met up in Vancouver and then drove to Victoria, where we had dinner and went to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Today we did a shoot down by the water, and are now cozied up with Mer watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Sadly my flight back to Montreal is tomorrow. I had such a wonderful break and I'm really not ready to go back East yet!

| photography by Meryl Olivier

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  1. A question: I understand fashion, at its base, to be a mechanism for attracting the opposite sex (viz. the plumage of bower birds and peacocks, elk antlers etc.) What I thus don't understand is why the fashion tastes of heterosexual males are universally disparaged, while demonstrable non-participants (gays, other women) are the arbiters of women's fashion? And if it's an 'opposites' thing, why does the same apply, even for the clothes men themselves wear?