LOOK OF THE DAY: can you make your words untold? they are flashing far from home


(sequin shorts - Simons; blouse - vintage; coattail blazer; wedge boots - ALDO)

HEY HEY. It's snowing again. I wanted to do a shoot yesterday when the sun was shining, but couldn't find the time. Maybe sometime this weekend we can find a moment to catch the light. The little gold pendant I'm wearing was a recent gift from Natalie and Meryl. It is really beautiful and matches my other ones perfectly. I wear one from my mother, one from my father and now I will wear one from my best friends.

Though I intended to throw out the pair of baggy light wash jeans I bought for my Halloween costume in October, lately I've found myself daydreaming about wearing them with a skinny heel and an oversized blazer. The influences of Swedish bloggers Angelica Blick and Annemiek Kessels are clearly very strong!

Listening to: Cheap Perfume by Bare Wires

| photography by Andrew Bonnell

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