LOOK OF THE DAY: tell me what we're chasing


  (sequin blazer - vintage; black denim - H&M)

I can't believe it's been nearly four months since Lindsay and I moved to Toronto! The time has gone by so quickly! With my internship at Flare coming to an end soon and the holidays fast approaching, I've already booked a flight home to Vancouver. I can't wait! If all goes as planned, I'll get to spend two weeks lying on the beach and sun tanning before I have to return to the chilly east. (Sun tanning... You know, in the rain.)  

| photography by Lindsay Jackowetz and Andrew Bonnell


LOOK OF THE DAY: the punks are finally taking acid


(pant - ZARA; top - H&M; sac - ZARA; shoe - ALDO)

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted! Moving to Toronto and getting settled into my new apartment has been keeping me a little busy! I've also been spending a great deal of time at Flare Magazine ever since I was granted their fashion editorial internship. Working with Fiona Green, the magazine's lovely Fashion Editor, has thus far proven to be both an exceptionally pleasant and insightful experience. I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to work within this industry that I love so very much in an area that doesn't necessarily rely so much upon my experience as a writer. Not that I don't enjoy writing! Quite the opposite. In fact, I will be posting a piece for the Vancouver Sun very soon. I'm just happy to be learning about something new - and that my beautiful white desk at Flare is by a window!

In other news, Lindsay and I will be launching a new blog to document our lives in the big city within the next month or so. While I can't yet talk about some of the projects we'll be working on (and writing about), I can tell you that I will be moving my fashion posts over from ad idem to the new website when it's finally up!

Listening to: The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid - FIDLAR


LOOK OF THE DAY: she said 'five seconds in your heart, straight to your heart.'


Summer in Montreal is beautiful, but I still can't help but long for the gentle tides of the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately my parents love me enough to have agreed to fly me across the country for a swim and I'm so looking forward to it! Montreal's Fashion Festival is also fast approaching, and sometime in August Lindsay and I have planned another trip to Toronto. The search for the perfect apartment begins!

Andrew and I move out of the apartment this weekend, so to celebrate our last shoot together in Montreal we played with various double exposure tricks in order to create the photos above. I think they turned out pretty cool! What do you think?

Listening to: Five Seconds by Twin Shadow

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


LOOK OF THE DAY: stórviðri ofsaði út


(knit top - H&M; oversized jeans - vintage)

These are my favourite pair of blue jeans in the whole world right now. Though they aren't exactly the most flattering pants ever, they are perfect for warm summer afternoons spent sitting on top of grassy, sunlit hills in the park. Today I spent the day doing just that, laughing and talking with my friends about all the silly people around us and what a peculiar place we live in.

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


LOOK OF THE DAY: and I'm tempted to duel even the sun.


` I'll dash the flames, and kill it with my gun.

Unfortunately I had to work a bit later than usual tonight, so I didn't have any time to do my hair or put on makeup before the shoot for fear of losing the light. I think it was worth it though, because the shots turned out really well. I know my sneakers are really tattered, but I love them like this - it gives them character! The tee shirt is one I bought this weekend about five minutes after I spotted it. Tonight I watched an episode of the tv show GIRLS with a bowl of Lucky Charms. This Friday is my 22nd birthday and after that I know it'll be harder to get away with acting like such a kid.

Until then though!

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


LOOK OF THE DAY: and it feels like it should today


(blouse - ZARA; denim - H&M; studded shoe - ALDO)

Montreal is beautiful in the summer, not sure if you knew that, but it is! A little hot, but I don't mind. Last night there was a great thunderstorm - lightning, thunder and pouring rain. Naturally I decided to sit on my balcony the whole time, getting soaking wet in the process. When the downpour really started, a friend and I ran barefoot through the streets, laughing at all the people who weren't enjoying their swim!

I went shopping downtown recently and bought a few items that I really love. The shoes pictured above are my favourite; ones I've been searching for since before the new year. I still have to find a dress for my graduation. A tulip-skirted, cream coloured embroidered dress would be just perfect. 

Today my roommate and I are enjoying the heat, sipping lemonade and letting the sun tan our skin!    

Listening to: Woods - Rain On

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


three. sixty. five.


Mira and Thilday of the blog 365 Days are two of my favourite Swedish fashionistas. I've posted about them in the past, but after seeing their latest video, felt compelled to do so once more! Now all I want to do is travel to Sri Lanka, drink coconut milk on the beach and listen to the Drums. Oh summer, where are you?

Tonight I'm attending this magazine launch party and then perhaps going to Motown to visit our DJ friends!

Happy Thursday :)

| video property of 365 Days and KANAL.SE


LOOK OF THE DAY: when the sun goes down in a fog


(skirt - H&M; shirt/dress - vintage; shoe - ZARA)

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


I was walking with a ghost. I said please, please don't insist.


After four years, two majors, forty courses, thousands of readings and over five hundred essay pages written, I am finally graduating from McGill University! I'll be staying in Montreal for the summer, but come September my friend Lindsay and I are packing up our bags and moving to Toronto! Although I will always love Montreal, as far as big league fashion journalism, styling, design etc. goes there is no better place to be in Canada than the big TO. I also can't help thinking that Toronto is only a hop, skip and jump away from New York.

The photos posted above are from an editorial in the March issue of Elle Magazine called 'The Seeker'. When I came across them on FashionGoneRogue.com I couldn't stop staring. However, for the first time it wasn't the clothes that kept me coming back to take another look, but the backgrounds. Somehow photographer Laura Bartley managed to capture each photo's setting so beautifully that you almost feel like you're there, making model Vlada Roslyakova look like little more than a prop.


| photos property of Elle Magazine


LOOK OF THE DAY: I'm not going to hang around if you don't want me to


(parchment shirt; black denim; wedge booties; vintage velvet purse)

I know, I know. It's been a long time! So much was going on in the last few weeks though, I couldn't find the time to blog! These shots were taken in the alley directly behind my apartment. It has this eerie vibe to it around dusk, so I thought it'd be cool to play with the photos a bit to emphasize that.

Listening to: Would You Wait For Me Too? by Bad Sports

| photography by Andrew Bonnell


LOOK OF THE DAY: home of the telephone


(mohair sweater - vintage; short - SIMONs; boots - vintage; bag - vintage)

HEY GUYS! So, as you can see, Linds and I are in Brantford for the week. We've been having a lot of fun walking on old bridges, making eggs benny, talking to strangers, playing pictionary and thrifting. I found the mohair sweater I'm wearing in this look yesterday and had to buy it. We also took a 'behind the scenes' video of this shoot, getting ready blah blah. That'll be up when we're back in Montreal.

Right now I'm sitting on our couch. Yup! The one that will be in our apartment next year! Okay, I'm off.

Later kids

| photography by Lindsay Jackowetz