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Christine Centenera of Harper's Bazaar is my favourite international fashion editor..I adore her even more than I do Anna Dello Russo. Centenera's style is utterly flawless and I love how she is not afraid to play with her looks. Though I definitely don't have her budget, I've tried to emulate her outfits in the past.

In other news.. It's Halloween this weekend! Lindsay and I are going as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. Celebrating BOO-season will be fun, but I have so many school-related things to do first!

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LOOK OF THE DAY: she creeps me out; she cranks me in again


(top - vintage; leggings; shoe - LITA)

Everyone went to the Jay Reatard documentary "Better than Something" last night. It was amazing! Definitely a must-see if you're a fan. Tonight I am choosing to ignore all my homework and go out! Hope you're doing the same!!!

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big dreams, gangster; I was like no, please, stay here


God you just have to love the fifties/sixties.
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18 Blouses on a Friday Afternoon

[natalie and meryl]

Meryl and I made a video today featuring 18 of the blouses that I own. All the tops are a mixture of store bought, thrifted and vintage from my mother.

Song: Never Saw The Point by Cults

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Back! Well, okay I've actually been back for a few days..but school has kept me really busy. This weekend's trip to New York was so much fun. My parent's apartment is located in the heart of Lower Manhattan - a mere block or two away from Wall Street - so we were right in the midst of the Occupy Wall Street Protest.

Though that was fun, I was more excited to see all the touristy things I missed out on in September. My hectic NYFW schedule prevented me from truly exploring the city or even using the subway system! (Now I know it like the back of my hand! If you know..the back of my hand was someone else's hand who I didn't know that well.)

Listening to: Lasagna by The Knife

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