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Autumn begins in a few days. For most, this means new textbooks, move-in dates, flight confirmations, train tickets and, although very much too soon, classes. But for many, including Natalie and I, Autumn also ushers in a new season of fashion. Twice a year, those of us who are under the industry's spell are compelled to re-vamp our closets and try out new trends. While this all seems very frivolous I'm sure, it's also very stressful and expensive. Wah. Okay enough. What will we be looking for come September? Well..

1. Patent leather loafers
2. White/Black
3. English-style ankle-boots
4. Loose, boot-cut denim
5. The new Wavves LP Life Sux (oops, that's not fashion)
6. Sheer button down white blouse with Peter-Pan collar

All in all? The new look is polished, refined and clean cut. Until I hit the blistering Montreal heat, however, I plan to continue wearing my tattered denim cut offs with loose knit sweaters..

Listening to: Head for the Country the entirety of John Maus' album, We Must Become the Pitless Censors of Ourselves

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vancouver's fashion crowd.


Katina Danabassis

Misplaced her card, how embarrassing!

Vancouver based stylist, Deanna Palkowski

These three were just a few of the many well dressed attendees at last week's Start Up semi-finals. Thank you to Meryl Olivier for taking such lovely shots for Ad Idem!

I am flying back to Montreal on the 30th. I may have some incredibly exciting news to share soon, but I don't want to say anything yet in case my plans fall through. Though the end of summer is always sad, I am really excited for the new semester to begin and to be back in the city!

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Mercedes-Benz Start Up Semi-finals; VANCOUVER

[tamara + natalie]

Last night Natalie and I attended the semi-finals for 'StartUp' in North Vancouver. This new program, hosted by Mercedes-Benz and IMG Fashion (yes, they also do New York Fashion Week!), seeks to discover and mentor up-and-coming Canadian designers. We spent the evening sipping trendy wines, nibbling on appetizers and mingling with Vancouver's 'it' crowd. I even had the opportunity to interview both designers. The night was particularly exciting, however, because it marked the first time Natalie and I have attended a fashion event together! Living across the country from each other has made this a challenge in the past. It was a thrill to be sitting together, in the front row no less, laughing about how Ad Idem began.

Congratulations to the winning designers, Cassie Dee and Adam Taubenfligel of Vancouver, who will be going on to the finals in Toronto come the fall. In conjunction with LG Fashion Week Beauty by L'Oreal, Mercedes-Benz and IMG Fashion are handing these two quite the opportunity! For more details, see my article for the Vancouver Sun --> clicky

A big thank you to Andrew Serrano from IMG, it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to work with you again soon!

Check out more photos of us on Fashion Magazine.com and Frock of Ages.blogspot.

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Ever dreamed of attending a real fashion show? This is your chance! Mercedes-Benz and IMG Fashion are looking for Vancouver fashion fans to attend the semifinals for their new program StartUp. This is a great new endeavor to facilitate and mentor up and coming Canadian fashion designers. The two winning designers will even get to show their collections at Toronto Fashion Week in the Fall! You can watch all the action and attend this exclusive event tomorrow night, August 16th in Vancouver!

E-mail us at ad--idem@live.ca for details.


chuck and booms do the best coast.


Here's a video Lindsay and I made about her trip to the West Coast!

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miles mcmillan.


I was looking through some street-style photos for outfit ideas when I came across one of this rough looking kid with a mop of dark hair and tattered jeans. For the next few minutes I found myself scrolling down, only to scroll back up to take another look at him. It wasn't the boy's outfit that struck me though, but his fantastic grin. Turns out his name is Miles McMillan and he is one of this year's 'it' models. After a bit of research I found out that Miles is also an artist. I would never pretend to know anything about art but something about this guy and his work sort of stops you in your tracks.

On another note, I've been listening to the Raveonettes all day. Currently it's Boys who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed).

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this is your baptism.


(round sunglasses; H&M dress; jeffrey campbell LITA; ZARA sac)

Unfortunately both geography and busy school schedules often prevent Natalie and I from accepting every fashion event invitation extended to us. Living in the heart of Montreal makes attending such events easier, but since launching this blog we've never actually had the opportunity to go to one together.

Yesterday, however, Natalie and I were sent invitations for the Mercedes-Benz and IMG Worldwide StartUp semi-finals which take place next Tuesday in Vancouver. StartUp is a new program that seeks to discover and promote up and coming Canadian fashion designers. As you all know, Mercedes-Benz hosts New York Fashion Week so this is a really big deal! Furthermore, it's incredibly exciting for those of us who dream of the day when Canada will occupy a more prominent position in the multi-billion dollar global fashion industry.

The most pressing question remains though..what to wear to the shows?!

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