you said look at me and looked away.


All alone in my apartment tonight. Natalie left early this morning - seven am! (After only two hours of sleep, mind you) I miss her already! I thought I'd post this photo of us from our joint shoot last Friday. It was one of our favourites and almost became our new header, but at the last moment we changed our minds. Andrew comes home tomorrow..contemplating cleaning the apartment, but most likely will just end up studying. Ahh. I am so far behind on my readings! With fashion week, then midterms and then Natalie - I've literally had no time to do them. It looks like I'll have even less time now though as I was recently approached with an exciting new freelance prospect! More details on that later though. Time to snooze.


| photo by Andrew


mount royal

[tamara + natalie]

YO! Sorry we didn't post yesterday! Tamara was feeling pretty ill, so we hung around the apartment until the evening when we went out for dinner. Natalie did a little bit of vintage shopping on St. Laurent and bought the little bag pictured below. Today we went up Mount Royal (though it is barely a mountain compared to those in BC!) and did an outfit post. It was pretty cold!! Tonight Tamara made her famous vegetarian chili (yep, famous) and Natalie made her equally as famous guacamole. Delicieux!

Tomorrow is Natalie's last day in Montreal :( We'll both be crying ourselves to sleep tonight. No jokes.

| photos property of Ad Idem

LOOK OF THE DAY: I can feel it in my bones.


(top - H&M; bag - vintage; stompers - Doc Marten; leather jacket; hat - Tamara's; glasses - St. Laurent)

| photos by Tamara

LOOK OF THE DAY: don't go, stay with the all unknown.


(blazer - ZARA; tee - Old Navy; black denim - SoHo&Co)

| photos by Natalie





The tone of Sabrina Barila's show this season was markedly different from her last. Though the music was still playful, the collection was definitively more mature. Taking the place of last year's parade of bright rompers and loud patterned dresses, a long march of wide brimmed hats, fur capes, maxi skirts and turtle necks made its way down the catwalk. Overall, the collection was very refined, feminine and versatile. The fashion gods seem to have taken offense to something though, because more than a few models fell off their sky-high stilettos mid strut.


The Envers show was incredibly elegant, but more importantly, amazingly colourful! A bright colour palette is something we bloggers have recently become infatuated with. Having said that, I'm not too sure where exactly one might wear such extravagant pieces!


I could not stop staring at the makeup at the Samuel Dong show. The turquoise, violet, tangerine and yellow eye shadows were especially stunning. Dong's collection was similarly awe-inspiring and many of those watching (myself included) could do nothing but tweet madly as the models stalked past in their leopard print, glitter and ruffles. Though I doubt I could pull them off, I completely fell in love with the pair of leggings pictured above.


Cokluch was actually one of the week's most wearable collections. Obviously catering to a younger cohort, the line was stocked full of leather, fur, khaki and white cotton. Though I wasn't too impressed with the inclusion of clip-on fox tails (a trend that expired about an hour after its Louis Vuitton debut last season), I did heartily approve of the aviation theme. I wouldn't mind wearing a pair of those vintage-y goggles!

Don't forget to check out my fashion blog for The Vancouver Sun!

| photos courtesy of Montreal Fashion Week, Sensation Mode and The Vancouver Sun


when I'm with you, I have fun.

[natalie + tamara]

We are such dorks. Tamara was feeling sick today from "burning the candles at both ends" (aka being way too busy for life for the past three weeks) and so we just kicked back at home all day. Continuing along with Natalie's new found Dylan obsession, we watched Don't Look Back, another Bobby documentary. Last night we went out to this little indie club that is two minutes from Tamara's apartment and danced into the wee hours of the morning (aka 3am - Montreal closing time). Tonight we're blogging after an amazing dinner at Juliette&Chocolat on St. Laurent. We were both fully chocolate'd out after our crepes, but they were AMAZING. Also we spent a great deal of the day fawning over the beautiful LITA boots..yep, STILL.

We now have an official facebook page, if you haven't noticed. We would love for you to join it ;) We'll be posting extra photos from shoots and updates on the page. You know, just in case you don't know enough about our lives already!! :D

Listening to: When I'm With You by Best Coast

photos property of Ad Idem

LOOK OF THE DAY: for the times they are a'changin'


(pants - ZARA; stiletto bootes - Nine West; top - H&M; blazer - Aritzia; hat - H&M; rings - H&M and Vintage)

| photos by Tamara

LOOK OF THE DAY: we're so close to something better left unknown.


(cropped seater - H&M; skirt - H&M; stomper platforms - Jeffrey Campbell; head piece - H&M; rings - H&M and Mexico)

My lovely LITAS..

| photos by Natalie


just another manic monday.

[tamara + natalie]

Hey guys! We just got home from an entire day devoted to shopping. Natalie bought a TON of clothes and Tamara bought the gorgeous shoes pictured below and a silver metal headband. This morning, at the restaurant Cafeteria, our waiters were hilariously enthusiastic. For example, when Natalie asked where the washroom was, the bus boy actually followed her into it. She came back with a frown on her face and said half-laughingly, "well that was awkward..I had to shut the door in his face." Later, in the mall, we came across this elaborate set up for Montreal Fashion Week and found numerous clips of Tamara. We laughed hysterically when one clip of her (front row during Envers par Jean Lacasse) was in slow motion with dramatic music. For dinner we went to this cute Italian restaurant to eat pizza and pasta.

| photos property of Ad Idem