LOOK OF THE DAY: I feel you shake and I know the pleasure of my design.


(blouse - ZARA; pants - ZARA; wedge shoe - ALDO)

Hello. I'm sorry, I haven't been home much this semester so it's been difficult to schedule a shoot. In other news, Lindsay and I have started DJing Thursdays at this little club near my apartment, and we're having a lot of fun with it. I'm heading home for the holidays on the 22nd. I believe I will get to see Natalie for a few days while I'm there.

I listened to this song called Hurt Love by No Ceremony today. It's a really unusual band that no one seems to know much about. Their cover art is wicked though.

Otherwise it's all been Cream, the Reatards, and Iggy Pop of late.

| photography by Andrew Bonnell

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