you were burning; now you're black and grey


Tonight was the Quartier de la Mode Event, a set of shows by designers Martin Lim, Marie Saint Pierre, Zenobia Bawa, Michel Desjardins, Isabelle Elie, Yves Jean Lacasse, Helmer, Nadya Toto, Jean-François Morissette and SHAN. It took place at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal. Having attended the West Coast Mercedes-Benz Start Up event in Vancouver this summer, I was particularly excited to see looks by designer Martin Lim, the competition's winner. I can see why he was selected, his designs were very impressive.

We also found a model girlfriend for Andrew. She looked like Jemina Pearl from Be Your Own Pet!

UPDATE: I just received a tweet from Lim. How sweet! And yes, we definitely have to meet soon! :)

| photos by Lindsay


the night's not over; you're not trying hard enough


Today, while watching old Strokes videos on YouTube I remembered something..

Back during NYFW, before the Falguni & Shane Peacock show, I spotted this really cute, sort of hipstery boy. He was tall, well dressed and toting a large camera. He and his friend (similarly dressed) were taking a few photos on the runway, but they didn't look like they were taking themselves very seriously. I assumed they were music/fashion bloggers because one of them looked really familiar and they were talking to Bam Margera. There weren't many people in the darkened venue (Falguni being one of the last shows of the day) and as I looked at the familiar looking one curiously, we made eye contact (wah!). A few minutes later, the pair skipped out still joking around with each other. Only now do I realize why his face was so familiar - I'm almost positive it was Julian Casablancas!! Now I truly feel like an idiot. All I can say is that I was extremely tired.

He was wearing one of his signature jackets - a red piped military-esque blazer.

Here's a video of the show (I'm sitting second row on the left):

| photo is not mine