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Oh wow, I am so tired. The only thing keeping me from falling asleep in the middle of my lecture is this blog post.. Even now I am not ruling out the possibility. Last night was Montreal's version of FNO (Fashion's Night Out) and quite a few shops held 'late night' shopping events in collaboration with LOULOU Magazine. Lindsay and I attended BCBG Maxazaria, Banana Republic and Indigo Books (I like books okay?!).

At BCBG there was a small gaggle of tweens gathered on the second floor, and out of curiousity Lindsay, Ashley and I waited with them. Within a few minutes though, Canadian "pop sensation" Lights stepped out to play and we booked it out of there. I did snap a quick photo though for all you Lights fans.. (Just Andrew eh? Okay then..)

Arcade Fire was already playing when we reached the venue (an outdoor stage right in the heart of the city), and their music thickened the night air for miles around. I can't convey to you the excitement we felt running through the streets, laughing and singing as we ducked through the 20,000 person crowd to find a good spot.

Later we headed to JEFF the Brotherhood, standing at the front throughout the show. Lindsay and I had spoken to Jamin (JEFF's drummer) earlier in the night and we were overjoyed when they played both the songs we requested.

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