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Autumn begins in a few days. For most, this means new textbooks, move-in dates, flight confirmations, train tickets and, although very much too soon, classes. But for many, including Natalie and I, Autumn also ushers in a new season of fashion. Twice a year, those of us who are under the industry's spell are compelled to re-vamp our closets and try out new trends. While this all seems very frivolous I'm sure, it's also very stressful and expensive. Wah. Okay enough. What will we be looking for come September? Well..

1. Patent leather loafers
2. White/Black
3. English-style ankle-boots
4. Loose, boot-cut denim
5. The new Wavves LP Life Sux (oops, that's not fashion)
6. Sheer button down white blouse with Peter-Pan collar

All in all? The new look is polished, refined and clean cut. Until I hit the blistering Montreal heat, however, I plan to continue wearing my tattered denim cut offs with loose knit sweaters..

Listening to: Head for the Country the entirety of John Maus' album, We Must Become the Pitless Censors of Ourselves

| photo property of Victoria Tornegren

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