miles mcmillan.


I was looking through some street-style photos for outfit ideas when I came across one of this rough looking kid with a mop of dark hair and tattered jeans. For the next few minutes I found myself scrolling down, only to scroll back up to take another look at him. It wasn't the boy's outfit that struck me though, but his fantastic grin. Turns out his name is Miles McMillan and he is one of this year's 'it' models. After a bit of research I found out that Miles is also an artist. I would never pretend to know anything about art but something about this guy and his work sort of stops you in your tracks.

On another note, I've been listening to the Raveonettes all day. Currently it's Boys who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed).

| photos from TheFASHIONISTO

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  1. Kinda the same happened to me :) I'm not trying to define what's to be a model, but I think when you look at him you just know there's something more, an artist indeed :) Before I knew who he was I thought he could be a musician as well. And when it comes to the modelling, well he's just amazing! Such Beautiful boy :)