runway: GIVENCHY couture


Sorry! I know I haven't updated for a bit, but I've been spending a lot of time with my brother who was in town this week and also my friends. I couldn't resist posting these shots of Givenchy Couture '11 though.. Wow The way Ricardo Tisci played with sheers, cut outs and lace embroidery this season was simply breathtaking. Just the sheer amount of effort put into each piece is astounding. For example, one of the gowns was adorned with pearls which, in turn, were inserted into crystals and attached in the same pattern as the marks on an ostrich skin. WHAT?!

Natalie was on the Coast last week and we spent the two days she was here together. Though we didn't end up doing any looks we had a lot of fun and I miss her already. Oh and Lindsay is here in just over three weeks! :) Can't wait to show her how amazing summer by the ocean is.

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