LOOK OF THE DAY: this one is for lucifer


(red maxi dress - Sandra's vintage; shawl - vintage)

I didn't think Natalie was coming to the Coast today, so when she jumped on me as I sat on my bed reading, I nearly had a small heart attack! What's more, she surprised me by bringing ice cream! My best friend is amazing, what can I say? She's now on the road to Saskatchewan, but we had a few free hours together before her ferry, so we did a small shoot in the horse pasture!

| photos by Natalie


LOOK OF THE DAY: I don't care for fancy things


(top - H&M; leather skirt - vintage; hat - vintage)

| photos by Tamara


when fashion meets music.


(Jordan; Foster the People; Alex from Arctic Monkeys and fashionista Alexa Chung; Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs shooting; Best Coast; Jordan; the Strokes)

SO. My mind has just been spinning since I discovered this Australian blog called TurnOnTheBrightLights. Blogger Jordan is both obsessed with fashion and has an amazing taste in music. Let me tell you, this is really rare! (She is pictured in the first photo wearing the Strokes tee.)

SO? Well, it just so happens that I learned an immense amount about music this year and Lindsay, a great deal about the fashion industry. To put it in plain terms, Tokio Hotel and I are on an indefinite break (though I will always adore those boys) and Lindsay can now attend fashion events with ease! Haha. As a result, Lindsay and I have been talking a lot about DJing at some little indie clubs next year and hope to eventually start a business that mixes our love of fashion and music. We'll see what happens, but we're really excited about the prospect!

In other news, Natalie is moving back to the Coast next week and I am so, so stoked!! We're planning to shoot a look somewhere on my parents' heavily forested acreage before she takes off for Saskatchewan. Thematically, think of that movie, 'Where the Wild Things Are'..

Listening to: Children Collide and Foster the People

| all photos from TurnOnTheBrightLights





Okay this is as silly as when I posted it on Lindsay's facebook, but my friend Amy repeatedly demanded I do it so here you go. It's a photo of me..smiling! There's a long story behind why I haven't smiled in photos for the past year and it has to do with a little tumble I took roller blading when I was like seven..on my face. Anyway! It's all fixed now though so you may be seeing some less sombre photos coming your way. Then again.. shouldn't I have some sort of fashion face?

While the rest of Canada is experiencing a heat wave, we west coasters are bundled up in sweaters. No really, it feels like September here. However, that doesn't prevent us from diving daily into the icy ocean. I just hope it warms up by the time Lindsay gets here next week - she may not be as brave hearted! ;)

I'm not heading back to Montreal until August 31st, but I think as soon as I get there we're all driving up to Andrew's cottage for the long weekend. At least that is what I'm told!

Listening to: Crystal Castles - I'm Not In Love

| photo property of Ad Idem


LOOK OF THE DAY: the twist is that you're just like [me]


(dress - vintage, from my mom's closet)

Listening to: The Twist by Frightened Rabbit

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everything that glitters is gold.


Gold is my favourite metal, and though I've layered small gold necklaces for years now, I've recently begun to indulge in other gold accessories. I bought the small watch pictured above with Natalie when she was here a few weeks ago, but the ring/bracelet duo and pearl perfume ring are both vintage from my mother's jewelry box. Sorry for the somewhat rough picture quality - my little digital camera cannot compete with the SLR we normally use, but I try :)

Still contemplating buying the white iphone 4. A contract makes the phone much less expensive, but who knows if I'll even be in the country next year..

| photo property of Ad Idem


runway: GIVENCHY couture


Sorry! I know I haven't updated for a bit, but I've been spending a lot of time with my brother who was in town this week and also my friends. I couldn't resist posting these shots of Givenchy Couture '11 though.. Wow The way Ricardo Tisci played with sheers, cut outs and lace embroidery this season was simply breathtaking. Just the sheer amount of effort put into each piece is astounding. For example, one of the gowns was adorned with pearls which, in turn, were inserted into crystals and attached in the same pattern as the marks on an ostrich skin. WHAT?!

Natalie was on the Coast last week and we spent the two days she was here together. Though we didn't end up doing any looks we had a lot of fun and I miss her already. Oh and Lindsay is here in just over three weeks! :) Can't wait to show her how amazing summer by the ocean is.

Listening to: The Naked and the Famous

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