LOOK OF THE DAY: we're only young and naive still


(vest - vintage; denim shorts; oxfords - vintage; top - AA)

| photos by Tamara


little boy lost, he takes himself so seriously


So I haven't done a runway review in quite a while, mainly because whenever fashion week rolls around my own show schedule is too hectic to allow any time for style.com. Having said that, Theyken's Theory Resort 2012 collection immediately caught my eye. The whole line emanates an effortless 'cool'; one that is difficult to achieve, stylistically speaking, without appearing too forced. At the same time, there is also a certain level of class within each look that removes any possible association between this and the industry's past obsession with grunge.

On another note, I am shivering half to death as I type this. It is really difficult to write HTML when you're freezing cold, let me tell you! Amy and I just came back from a night swim in the ocean. Of course the people on the beach thought we were crazy because it's only like 10 degrees outside, but it was really amazing.

| photos from style.com


she feels that my sentimental side should be held with kid gloves;


I'm really into the west coast indie look at the moment. Maybe the feathers in my hair have something to do with this new obsession.. Natalie has this short cropped, wide-knit maroon sweater that would be perfect right about now.

Also, I've missed horseback riding so much lately. These days I'd do just about anything to be back on my gorgeous Arabian mare galloping bareback across the prairies.

| photos from Spell & Gypsy Collective



[natalie + tamara]

HELLO! So these are the photos from one of our days together in Victoria. We went for breakfast at this great little diner downtown and we both ordered Eggs Benedict. So delicious! For Tamara's birthday, we went to this hair salon to put in feather hair extensions. We chose five, but fortunately they're not super obnoxious. Red, white, black and tan.

There was a street festival going on downtown (complete with a parade of naked cyclists..) and we had a great time. :) Natalie's look should be up within a few days! (We hope)

| photos property of Ad Idem


LOOK OF THE DAY: t-t-twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated.


(top - gift from lala; high waisted shorts; gladiators; round sunglasses - Mer)

HEY. So I've just returned from Victoria and am absolutely exhausted! Having said that, my weekend with the girls was amazing and well worth a day's journey. As I'm sure you've all noticed by now, Natalie and I finally shot our new header! For this set we dressed rather more girly than we usually do, but I think the photos turned out well enough..

In the look above I finally got to wear my birthday present from Lindsay :) I cropped the tee, but haven't decided on whether or not I want to alter the sleeves.. You can also sort of see my new feather hair extensions. A post about those and the rest of our day will be up tomorrow or the next day, along with Natalie's look.

Okay, have to sleep.

| photos by Meryl