LOOK OF THE DAY: they're not listening at your door


(coat tail blazer; cropped top - H&M; stompers; black denim; head piece and bag - vintage)

Though I have a final tomorrow morning, I needed to post photos of the blazer I found yesterday! For those of you who follow this blog religiously (we love you btw), you'll already know that I've been searching for a coat tailed blazer for like..yeah ten months or something ridiculous. This coat in particular has a special story because I found it while shopping with my mom. She's visiting right now in Montreal, and I couldn't be happier. Anyway! We had a clerk remove the blazer from a mannequin because it was the only one in the store. Somehow it fit perfectly too! Don't you love it when things go just right?

| photos by Andrew

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  1. Gorgeous details - buttons etc. Love it!