won't you understand that I'm just having fun


Last night was so great! Apart from the blizzard that was all of Montreal the second we left the house (and effectively destroyed my hair, mind you) the show was amazing. Lindsay and I were front row at the beginning, but the second the moshing started, we ran away. I don't think I've ever been so close to death in my life! I must have been crazy though, because after leaving the mosh pit for three minutes and collapsing into a fit of terrified giggles with Linds near the bar, I dove back in there. I'm not sure how the boys do it, but they moshed the entire time Wavves was playing! Once Best Coast came on we girls went back to the front. These bands are touring in Victoria and Vancouver mid-February. If you have the opportunity - Go!

Fashion week starts tomorrow. Can barely breathe.

Listening to: Wavves - Post Acid

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