when I'm with you, I have fun.

[natalie + tamara]

We are such dorks. Tamara was feeling sick today from "burning the candles at both ends" (aka being way too busy for life for the past three weeks) and so we just kicked back at home all day. Continuing along with Natalie's new found Dylan obsession, we watched Don't Look Back, another Bobby documentary. Last night we went out to this little indie club that is two minutes from Tamara's apartment and danced into the wee hours of the morning (aka 3am - Montreal closing time). Tonight we're blogging after an amazing dinner at Juliette&Chocolat on St. Laurent. We were both fully chocolate'd out after our crepes, but they were AMAZING. Also we spent a great deal of the day fawning over the beautiful LITA boots..yep, STILL.

We now have an official facebook page, if you haven't noticed. We would love for you to join it ;) We'll be posting extra photos from shoots and updates on the page. You know, just in case you don't know enough about our lives already!! :D

Listening to: When I'm With You by Best Coast

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