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A dramatic, fast-paced show, Cluc Couture had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats. Though I’m not quite sure the elongated elf hat is truly a trend to follow, the presentation more than made up for the relatively tame designs. The inclusion of asymmetrical sleeve detailing, black shag and stomper boots (which I always love), however, was enough to sufficiently impress this stringent critic. The best part? The surprising and captivating conclusion, during which a model robed in neon orange glided out onto the catwalk.


Easily my favourite show of the week, I felt privileged to have even been invited to this exclusive event. The music was unconventional, the models statuesque and Gagnon himself was positively magnificent. In stark contrast to a number of his past shows, Denis presented a collection that was alive with colour. Bright turquoise, baby pink and violet hues decorated many of the most memorable looks, and when Gagnon walked out it was to a standing ovation.

Here are the first two reviews for MFW - more coming very shortly, but I just wanted to post what I had. Natalie and I are heading out in a bit to go shoot a look in Old Port.

| photos compliments of Montreal Fashion Week and Sensation Mode

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