no hope kids.


Yo! Sorry I didn't post yesterday or today - Lindsay (pictured above for the first time!) and I have been very busy shopping and wandering the city for various things. No seriously, my apologies. Right now we're getting ready for the Wavves + Best Coast + No Joy concert (both having curled our hair despite the snow). So EXCITING! I picked up some fabric from a fabric store on Rue St. Catherine today for my Tuesday fashion week outfit. I went everywhere in this city, but could not find a single sheer maxi skirt that lived up to my standards. Instead of buying one then, I will make one! I've noticed other Montreal bloggers have posted their fashion week schedules..but I would rather just say: I will be at all the shows that begin after three pm when my classes end.

PS. It's so funny to watch Andrew gradually sink into his role as photographer. Even when we're at the grocery store, he's snapping photos!

| photo by Andrew

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