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Colour! I know many of you never thought you'd see the day that I became a fan of colour - but here it is! I was in ZARA over the weekend (when am I not though?) and I found these amazing fluorescent trousers. Let's just say it was love at first sight. The bright orange/mango ones are my favourite. If you want to try out this Spring trend, make sure you match the bright piece with something considerably more subdued. For example, I would probably wear a plain white tee tucked into this pant and simple wedge shoe like those by ACNE or Balenciaga.

I approved my business card sample a few minutes ago, and I think it looks great! I'll do an outfit post later tonight, but it won't be up until midnight or so. Okay! I have to rush to class now. Ah, how is it only 11am?!

| photos from ZARA.com

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