LOOK OF THE DAY: fashion week day three


(leggings - ZARA; cropped top - vintage; blazer - ZARA; shoes - ALDO; bag - vintage; head piece - vintage)

Here's my outfit from day three!! As the week progresses I find myself putting less effort in, but fortunately with this one I've worn it before (a rare occurrence, not going to lie) so the look was already in my head. I had thirty minutes to get ready so I couldn't even do anything with my hair - it's yesterday's curls. The reason I'm telling you this? To give you a tiny bit of insight into the craziness that is Montreal Fashion Week. My schedule has been so tight that I barely had time to eat something today. Woke up at Lindsay's, went to class, edited over 400 photos from last night while taking notes, went to the library to cram for my War & Peace midterm for two hours, rushed to my WWII lecture and quickly blogged the photos I chose out of the plethora of edited ones, took my midterm, practically jogged home, did my look of the day shoot with Andrew, ran out the door and headed down to the Old Port for the shows. JUST got in the door now and it's back to blogging before bed. Absolute insanity.

| photos by Andrew

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