just another manic monday.

[tamara + natalie]

Hey guys! We just got home from an entire day devoted to shopping. Natalie bought a TON of clothes and Tamara bought the gorgeous shoes pictured below and a silver metal headband. This morning, at the restaurant Cafeteria, our waiters were hilariously enthusiastic. For example, when Natalie asked where the washroom was, the bus boy actually followed her into it. She came back with a frown on her face and said half-laughingly, "well that was awkward..I had to shut the door in his face." Later, in the mall, we came across this elaborate set up for Montreal Fashion Week and found numerous clips of Tamara. We laughed hysterically when one clip of her (front row during Envers par Jean Lacasse) was in slow motion with dramatic music. For dinner we went to this cute Italian restaurant to eat pizza and pasta.

| photos property of Ad Idem

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