everytime you close your eyes.


Hey guys, I'm just sitting here in the library working on my Elizabeth I book review, but I thought I'd take a break to blog. I ordered my business cards about an hour ago and I have to go back tomorrow to approve the final sample. So exciting! They're black with white type - very simple, but I like that. I'm taking Andrew's huge SLR camera to fashion week, so I was practicing with it all last night. Haha, I remember that Natalie used to freak out at me when we were doing our lookbook.nu shoots because I'd inevitably have my thumb over the lens. Speaking of which, it's two weeks today that she will arrive in Montreal!! We will definitely do a video and more than a few shoots while she's here. Okay, time for class.

Enjoy your Wednesday :)

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| photo by me

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  1. I am also trying to practice with my new Canon. Good luck! :)