So.. These shoes are absolutely amazing. I've been in love with them for months now, but just recently I found out that the price point isn't so bad after all. Designed by Jeffrey Campbell, these babies are incredibly difficult to find, but I hope to soon! Last Tuesday I saw a girl wearing them in the metro and went crazy with jealousy. I wanted to pull them off her feet and run away!! Another week of school starts tomorrow and I will be moving into the library for the next few days until Wednesday when NATALIE arrives. LADJFOFJMCIEJOEWJFKJLKFAJDF!!! (my thoughts when I think about this particularly exciting event). I know I said the MFW reviews would be up this weekend - but unfortunately that didn't happen. By the end of the week I promise!

| photo from Fashion Squad

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  1. Oh I crave a pair of these! They're so gorgeous!