pass like bullets between these walls.


You can run but you won't come far. Don't make me show you how weak you are.

No outfit shoot today even though the sun was glorious. I've been listening to this song called Bullets all day and I cannot get enough of it! The song is by Swedish music duo Rebecca and Fiona. Lindsay (my unofficial roommate on the weekends) and I didn't wake up this morning until nearly noon, but when we awoke I had the most amazing e-mail waiting for me on my blackberry: a confirmation that I'm on the guest list for Denis Gagnon's invite-only show during MFW.

It's funny to look through all the blogs I follow, especially those by Andy, Betty, Lisa, Rumi, Felicia, Mira, Thilda, Bryan etc. and see that I am not the only one who can't stop talking about the upcoming fashion weeks. It's a very special feeling felt by all fashion bloggers around this time of the year - a shared euphoria; everyone is in a tizzy.

UPDATE: I just learned that my beautiful best friend is doing a shoot as I type this; expect an outfit post tonight then!

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