LOOK OF THE DAY: hôtel dieu


(trench - ZARA; blouse - vintage; gloves - Christmas present!)

It was a blizzard out today. I know, reading constant comments about the weather is always fascinating, but we like to talk about the weather in this country. ;) Last night I sent in my accreditation forms for MFW. February is going to be a GREAT month, I can already tell. One of the best things about fashion week, apart from the obvious, is that it serves as an amazing distraction. No matter what is going on in your life, you walk onto that red carpet and in through those doors and everything else is immediately forgotten. Apart from the cool calm it brings to one's emotional state, however, fashion week is also predictably INSANE. I don't think I'm ever busier than when I'm juggling a plethora of fashion week events/shows and the tonnes of reading that McGill profs assign.

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  1. I love this coat!! This is the kind of coat I've been looking for