LOOK OF THE DAY: big wool scarf


(western boots - vintage; blazer - ZARA; scarf - Tommy Hilfiger; legging - Aritzia; hat - H&M; sunglasses - H&M)

It's Thursday! For those of you who don't live in the East and/or don't go out a lot, this is the best day of the week! A few more hours and I can start getting ready.. I made a delicious wrap tonight for dinner, vegetarian of course. Lettuce, cucumber and tomato in a tomato-basil wrap with salsa ranch dressing on it. Delicious! The boots I'm wearing in this shoot were my mom's when she was younger, and though I adore them, they pinch my toes! I had a two hour break between a conference and a class so naturally, I went shopping. McGill, for those who don't know, is right in the middle of downtown Montreal and so it takes maybe three minutes to walk to the shops. I found this gorgeous leather dress with a semi-pleated skirt, but it was a little bit expensive unfortunately.

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  1. Hey Tamera, I love your look-- I have been looking for a huge chunky wool scarf like this for a while. I can't wait until it is scarf and boot weather again. I am one of those girls who loves winter more than summer!

    I found some affordable winter scarves here:


    I will be checking around to find one like yours! :)