LOOK OF THE DAY: angels in my snow breathing at the end.


(trousers - ZARA; hat - H&M; tee-shirt; blazer - ZARA; belt)

Did an obscene amount of school today: five classes and then four hours at the library. This shoot was taken in between the classes and the library on my beautiful campus. But let me just say, it was REALLY cold out. We're getting quite fast at this whole shoot thing though so it only took about fifteen minutes. I RSVP'd for some more shows today as well, so now I have a total of twelve confirmed. I think I will go thrifting this weekend to buy something really weird to wear for fashion week. A friend and I were out for coffee yesterday and I was trying to explain my closet methodology - not sure she was following my logic, but it highlighted the fact that I am over obsessed with fashion. Ah well, aren't we all?

| photos by Andrew, property of Ad Idem

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  1. Tamara Young, you are so goddamn gorgeous! These photos are absolutely breath-taking. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful wife as you.