LOOK OF THE DAY: it's way too cold for this


(top - H&M; blazer - ZARA)

Woah it has been a while! Sorry, life has just been a bit busy of late and it's about to get even busier. I have a midterm next week as well as a paper due, not to mention FASHION WEEK. Yup, so excited. The shirt I'm wearing in these photos is one that I just bought yesterday and I love it - despite the fact that it was negative 17 degrees out today .. I'm a little bit crazy. I also found an amazing blazer that is in the exact shade of red that I've been lusting after for months! There will be photos of that piece up sooooon.

| photos by Andrew


behind the lens.



I just wanted to say a few words about my wonderful photographer that has been taking my outfit posts recently. Her name is Meryl and she is my awesome roommate and friend. She was featured on the blog last year and you may recognize her in pictures from older posts. Meryl and I have been having a lot fun going out into Victoria and looking for new places to take photos. It's still a work in progress, so each time we do an outfit post, we both get better and better at it. We are both really busy with school work at the moment so we may not have time to do a post this weekend but we will see!

I hope everyone has a great Friday! I am going to be stuck in the library all night reading about Ethnoecology. I hope your Friday night will be better than mine....



LOOK OF THE DAY: hope that something pure can last


(vest - antique; black sweater dress - Aritzia; hat - ZARA; wedge heels - ALDO)

Bought tickets for the upcoming Wavves + Best Coast + No Joy show in Montreal - pretty excited as I just started getting into a lot of these bands' music. I'll be taking photos for the blog, but not sure how well they will turn out. We'll see! The vest I'm wearing in this shoot is one of my favourite pieces. It's my great grandmother's and from around 1920! I have to be very careful when I wear it though, something I'm not too good at.

Listening to: We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire

| photos by Andrew




(ruffle neck blouse - Victoria; leggings - Aritzia; headband - ZARA; boots - Hunter; cape - vintage)

So! I finally wore my beautiful cape that has been in my closet for the last year and a half. I think I wore it maybe twice last year because I was convinced that the UVIC student body wouldn't be able to handle it. Of course now such an idea seems silly. The blouse I'm wearing is a pretty interesting piece as well; it's completely sheer, but it hangs lower in the back than the front, which I love. Received an invitation this morning for a new fashion label's private launch party, but unfortunately it's in Vancouver. Natalie can't either though because she'll be in Montreal that week. I still can't believe she's coming! My two worlds are going to collide!

Listening to: Best Coast - When I'm With You

| photos by Andrew


LOOK OF THE DAY: angels in my snow breathing at the end.


(trousers - ZARA; hat - H&M; tee-shirt; blazer - ZARA; belt)

Did an obscene amount of school today: five classes and then four hours at the library. This shoot was taken in between the classes and the library on my beautiful campus. But let me just say, it was REALLY cold out. We're getting quite fast at this whole shoot thing though so it only took about fifteen minutes. I RSVP'd for some more shows today as well, so now I have a total of twelve confirmed. I think I will go thrifting this weekend to buy something really weird to wear for fashion week. A friend and I were out for coffee yesterday and I was trying to explain my closet methodology - not sure she was following my logic, but it highlighted the fact that I am over obsessed with fashion. Ah well, aren't we all?

| photos by Andrew, property of Ad Idem


for the boys. menswear FALL 2011.



Nothing wrong here. Love the layering, the velvet and the effortlessly chic minimalism.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Seventies! Natalie and I are big fans of this decade. I adore the use of suede and sheened fabrics in this collection by Salvatore Ferragamo. The cuts are elegant with a twist and the colour palette is to die for. Creams, beige, burgundy and teal. Wowza. This show also made me ridiculously excited for MFW which is in just a few weeks.


Threw this one in for fun. Though I normally abhor extreme colour - this collection was rather addictive to look at. This is about as hipster as the fashion world gets!


After viewing this collection I almost feel like I should go back and apologize to every boy at every high school dance I went to for making fun of them in their way-too-big suit jackets. Apparently that is the thing right now? Nope, still not convinced. Having said that, when compared to the models' ridiculous bowl cuts, where's-the-flood trouser hems, glitzy emerald green turtle necks, zip wind breakers paired with dress pants and argyle socks - the huge suit jackets seem downright trendy. Kindly ignore this show boys.


God I love Burberry Prorsum coats. They're so unique and yet classic - just can't get enough. Usually I'm speaking about women's wear when I use such adjectives, but I was impressed with Burberry's men's line this season. I'm in love with the leather detailing on the peacoat pictured above, and the bold orangey-yellow is great. The detailing on the jumper is amazing as well - I would love to wear a sweater such as this one! Having said that, I'm not such a fan of the puffer jacket that has been making its comeback on runways recently.


Oh Galliano, how I adore thee. Have you ever seen anything so magnificently ridiculous?? In collections such as these you have to keep in mind that the presentation is just the show part of it. If you deconstruct each look you will discover many very wearable pieces. God I love fashion. 'nuff said.


Ah fashion weeks. They come in all shapes and sizes and though menswear is definitely not my forte, I do enjoy looking at the shows. Hope you did too!

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