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I don't know where you've been hiding if you don't know that shearling lined blazers and boots are a big thing right now. Camo on the other hand is relatively new. Don't worry, I too have a tendency to think about fourth grade boys in army pants whenever I see this pattern, but I also think that if done tastefully, it can look pretty good. In other news? I'm seriously lusting after a fur vest. No, not the ones you've been seeing for the past season or so - but one that is a mix between an oversized collar and a vest. They hang off the body in this incredibly elegant way, all poofy on the top and extending down.. *sigh* I'm also on a hunt for a semi-sheer maxi skirt and a fitted military blazer with coat-tails.. If anyone from Montreal has spotted any of these items, please tell me where! You'll save me hours wandering up and down St. Laurent, rifling through countless vintage store racks.

| photos from jak&jil, stylescrapbook, and fashiontoast


you can tell by the way she smiles.


So much going on right now. Not a lot of time to blog.. Went vintage shopping today and was sorely tempted to buy this leather backpack, maybe I'll go back tomorrow. The shop is right around the corner from my apartment. It's getting cold in Montreal, I've been wearing my furs constantly. I hope you're all wearing red, camel, capes, shearling and copper.

| Anna, Viola & Özlem by Ayten Alpun for Marie Claire Turkey