Wow! I missed so much! Although images and news feeds from Paris Fashion Week kept appearing on twitter, I had a plethora of other things to concentrate on. No, unfortunately for my parents, I'm not talking about university. As is apparent from the images I've posted below, I was busy with Montreal Fashion Week. My full coverage has been posted on Style File, the Vancouver Sun's fashion blog, so go take a peek! Anywho, now that I have a second to breathe, here's my take on what was happening in Paris..


I thought I'd start with a collection that I knew I'd love. Well, I wasn't wrong. This whole line was absolutely, breath-takingly STUNNING!! Kudos to Sarah Burton for taking over the design house and yet managing to keep the magic of Alexander McQueen alive. Having said that, I'm going to keep a wary eye on her for the next few seasons. If she continues to produce this type of collection, although I worship her for it, her job could be called into question. Before you all start spamming me with hate, however, keep in mind that I'm not the only one who is thinking along these lines. McQueen was so exceptional because he was never static. Burton has been producing similar out-of-this-world pieces since Alexander's death. Unfortunately, after a while aspiring couture just becomes costume wear.

Love the coattail-esque jacket.


I wasn't quite sure if Lagerfeld was trying to conform to the minimalist trend that is gripping the fashion weeks of the world this season - but something tells me he wasn't, despite his monotoned outfits. When you combine tweed, sheers, prints and feathers all in one look, it doesn't exactly scream minimalism. With Chanel though, you usually have to toss out the rule book anyway. Notice the hot pants please, they'll be a big item for next Spring/Summer. We saw them last season with Chanel, but we're going to start to see them make their way down into retail boutiques soon.


Ah Valentino, these designers can do no wrong. I'm serious. They switch to a conservative tone? I'm right there. They throw in a few coral sheer pieces? I'll approve of that too. No, but on a serious note - I still cannot get over the impossibly light sheer fabrics they use. The same ones from the 2010 Couture collection. Just gorgeous. The use of ruffles, cream cotton, lace and tulle just complimented the sophisticated tone of the show.


Did I miss something here? Why did Balmain take a step backward and opt for hard core? Studs, leather, ripped denim, and rough Frankenstein stiching? This collection was very much full of grungy and edgy pieces, a flashback to the season before last. This isn't to say that I don't appreciate it. Natalie and I mourned the retirement of our slashed-to-pieces boyfriend jeans and studded apparel - is it possible that it's already time to bring them back? Something tells me no. It was fun to look at though.


Now this is what I'm talking about. Muted beiges, bleached whites, full bodied Spring coats, sheers, elongated tulle skirts and bandage tops. As Nicole Phelps said in her review for Style.com, "This season's Chloe girl is on her way to dance rehearsal." Well, I will gladly meet her there because we can't get enough of this polished look.

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