FASHION WEEK SS'11. parttwo


This is my first review of fashion week, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it! I thought this was more of Tamara's thing but it turns out that I like getting the first look of what's next in trends - and this is definitely the way to find out! I'm really looking forward to the bigger label shows, which should be appearing shortly. It's weird.. looking at all the runway shows, I had to adjust how I see designers and their lines. There is an just an incredible amount of work put into every single look and to have that much creative energy..it's just inspiring. Compared to looking at a street style photo, which is my usual forte, looking at runway fashion shots really made me realize that there is this other half of fashion. A serious, business side. Now that I've really spent some time with these photos I can also see how fashion truly is an art. On to the review!


I like the contrasting effect of the animal prints in this show - very interesting! Burberry this season chose to add hits of neon, something we've already noticed on other blogs, and we're loving it! The neon accessories really complimented the usual Burberry beiges. I thought it was a bit strange that they chose to include several 'hard core' or edgy pieces though - the studded jackets and leather pants for example. I feel like we finished with this last summer, but hey, maybe they're coming back? Erm.. In comparison to previous Burberry shows this one didn't quite live up to its name. The shiny silver pants were great, but again, I was hoping for something a little bit more innovative for the rest of the show.


I like this label a lot because I see it so often on the Swedish blogs we follow. Unfortunately, however, this line wasn't that spectacular. What is with the leather and studs? This is the second show I've seen, and both had them! The draping and use of sheer fabrics was great, and that one look with the sheer weaving in and out of the skirt? So sweet! The shoes were amazing - they almost looked like those Chinese wooden shoes in Memoirs of a Geisha! Way bigger though.. Acne stuck to the minimalist trend that has been gripping the fashion industry - every single look was simplistic.


Although I've seen previous collections by Alexander Wang that were better, I really did enjoy his use of "colour" (if you can call it that) this time around. All the clothes flowed really elegantly, and the white and the muted browns were especially pretty. The latter shade was completely Seventies - or that's the last time I've seen that hue. Out of the two lines I've looked at so far, this one seemed the most appropriate for Spring 2011. This collection was incredibly well put together, each look melted effortlessly into the next. Definitely didn't get the apparent 'construction' theme though.. :P


I have to say, I'm very impressed with Marc Jacobs and this collection. Everything was bursting with colour and life...amazing. I was just head over heels for that wide brim straw hat too, let me tell you. I noticed right away that Marc was inspired by the Seventies, as many other shows this season, and since it's my first review of fashion week I'm going to say it.. I TOLD YOU SO. Please search back to a post in November when I talked about how the Seventies would be making a big comeback! Okay, rant over. ANYWAY. What was with the random bathing suit?!? (See, I could keep ranting..) I think for this season the line was a bit to maximalist.. but that's typical Marc - he sees designers going one way, and he goes the complete opposite.


You could tell in this collection that there was a general theme - whether it was gladiators playing in the trees or warrior princesses hiding in tall grass though..I'm not sure which. No, but seriously. All of the hues were very earthy, and the shoes were even made of wood! The combination of textures and prints was insane. Definitely some classic Rodarte styling going on here, but the designers' usual impulse to go all out seemed to have been contained this season. I have to say, I fell in love with the hair styling on these models - the bangs were neatly knotted and just gorgeous. I will have to try that!


I absolutely adored this line. The use of copper was fresh and unexpected, and the choker neck pieces were divine. The whole collection was feminine, supplemented by bold quasi-feminist statements like that massive metal belt. The pastel coral on a couple of the looks was light and, much like the rest of the line, completely wearable. One word to describe this show? Beautiful..

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