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Natalie and I were sitting in her dentist's downtown Vancouver office this morning at 8am, having taken the 6am ferry, when we came across the latest issue of FASHION Magazine. Naturally we looked through it during the few minutes left before her surgery (don't worry, she's doing well!). What we found? Something we'd both been eyeing for a little bit already - coat tails/longer backed blouses. The blouse in the photo is one example. Honestly, I think I'll marry the first boy I see in Montreal wearing a blazer with subtle coat tails.. This style is beautiful!

Also, we're loving cropped knit wear. Just thought I'd add that. ;)

Another hit of Vancouver Street Style will be coming your way, as well as the story of how we were recognized downtown! When Natalie is feeling a bit better she'll also be posting something about our day there - cute photos to follow. :)

| photo from nastygal

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