Two weeks until Montreal. I can hardly believe it. For the first time in the history of this blog, one half of ad idem will be across the country from the other. Although I will miss my 'fraternal twin' dearly, I am most excited to be back in Canada's fashion capital!

To stay with this theme of change, I have re-discovered an old blogger that I was neglecting until very recently, and with this, a new muse. Mode d'Amour's style is effortlessly classic and minimalistic (the manner in which I live and breath) and her most recent post even includes the ZARA maxi skirt I have been lusting after for WEEKS. What I love most about her, however, is her absolutely flawless sense of proportion. This, my friends, is such a rare gift - even among we fashion bloggers. To style a look correctly, one must always maintain the proportions of the outfit, in addition to combining textures, shapes, colours and tones. Often someone will be wearing many trends squashed together, and though it might initially look very chic, something like the width of the belt or the length of the rolled sleeves can utterly destroy the effect. Sorry about lecturing on technicalities, but this is a very essential part of fashion to me; one that is often overlooked!

Anyway, Mode d'Amour does it excellently. Check her out! ;) Here

| photo wildfox

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