VANCOUVER summer style pt. 2


| photos by Natalie Graham on STYLE FILE - The Vancouver Sun's Fashion Blog




No picture today, but I thought I would post a quick update now that I have landed in Montreal. I'm staying with a friend until my apartment's lease starts on September 1st (along with all my classes) and have already been out and about in the downtown area. First of all, woah. I'd forgotten how well people dressed here! Nothing that I haven't seen before, thankfully, but there were a fair number of girls wearing high waisted shorts. That was impressive to say the least. Oh, and also it's 30 degrees here - everyone is melting. Compared to cool Vancouver (whose weather I thought I would never mourn the loss of), this city is scorching hot. Enjoy the last few days of summer people!


200th post.


As I am writing this post, I am sad to say that Tamara is leaving for Montreal tomorrow afternoon... On a happy note though, Tamara and I had a lovely day in downtown Vancouver. As we were standing on Granville street eying every one's outfits, this girl came up to us and asked us if we were the girls that took street style photos. Slightly shocked, I said yes and they asked to take photos of us for their school project on fashion bloggers and street style. They made our job easy because we just asked them if we could take their photos too!

After wandering down the streets together checking out what the stores had to offer, we went to a cute cafe in Robson Square. It was a hot sunny day, the food was delicious, and I couldn't of asked for a better day with my Bubba. It really was a perfect ending to our summer.


obsession du jour.


Natalie and I were sitting in her dentist's downtown Vancouver office this morning at 8am, having taken the 6am ferry, when we came across the latest issue of FASHION Magazine. Naturally we looked through it during the few minutes left before her surgery (don't worry, she's doing well!). What we found? Something we'd both been eyeing for a little bit already - coat tails/longer backed blouses. The blouse in the photo is one example. Honestly, I think I'll marry the first boy I see in Montreal wearing a blazer with subtle coat tails.. This style is beautiful!

Also, we're loving cropped knit wear. Just thought I'd add that. ;)

Another hit of Vancouver Street Style will be coming your way, as well as the story of how we were recognized downtown! When Natalie is feeling a bit better she'll also be posting something about our day there - cute photos to follow. :)

| photo from nastygal



I'm flying out this Saturday... I can't believe it. This near future event, however, had Natalie and I thinking as we bussed into Vancouver Wednesday for streetstyle - it's time for a travel fashion post! Everyone is heading back to their respective schools come September, and often the sentiment among my fellow travelers is to throw on sweats and a hoodie. I'm hoping this post will make you think twice about that! Believe it or not, there are ways to be cute AND comfortable.

Here are some good pieces for the road/air/ocean:

1. Knit Wear
Fortunately, the knit wear of last season has stuck around for another winter. We love over-sized sweaters to death, and they just happen to be perfect for cold airports and long drives. If it's warm out where you are, knit cropped tops are also a key item for this Autumn.

2. Flat Leather Boots
Better than UGGS by far, this versatile type of footwear is ideal for line-ups and tiresome waits. Your feet won't be in pain, but they also won't look like they're lodged in a tan marshmallow. The perfect compromise.

3. Sunglasses
Sorry to everyone who believes that sunglasses should only be worn in the sun, but this item is ESSENTIAL for any travel that exceeds 8 hours. Anyone who has taken a red-eye flight knows that no one survives that and stays pretty. I'll definitely be donning my own pair of over-sized tinted aviators on the next plane I take.

4. A Slouchy Bag
Airports, train stations and ferry terminals are NO place for a pristine fixed-shape purse. Stow that a-way! No, seriously. The best kind of travel "purse" is that which fits a lot and is easy to carry. Preferably it has one or two inside pockets for things like a passport and your blackberry. My favourite? The Longchamp pliage in deep olive.

5. Leggings
This fashion item has always been controversial, but is a particularly sore topic for me. Long story.. One that I have actually spilled in previous posts. ANYWAY, leggings are great for travel because they are a.) stretchy b.) warm c.) fitting with almost any outfit. Even though they are now heading the way of the UGG thanks to people overwearing them, I'll say this as though we live in an alternate reality where people actually listened to me initially, but didn't over-do it for the past three years... YES, THEY CAN BE WORN AS PANTS!!!

6. Tame Hair
Okay, normally this isn't a subject that Ad Idem covers, but it's relevant to this post. Travel makes hair look bad. This is just a fact. One way to deal with this? Put it up in a top knot. Either that, or put it in a side braid.. Whatever you do, don't leave it down and freshly washed. Unless you have magic hair, you will end up with a staticy afro as soon as the dry air hits it. Still want to wear you hair down? Throw on a knit beanie.

7. Extras
Outfits live and die by the accessories we wear with them. Have a late night flight like me? Pull on a pair of light gray knit socks and roll your leather boots down to expose them slightly. Want to wear some jewelry? Opt for a delicate gold or silver chain instead of a huge statement piece that is going to get in your way when getting off your ferry/bus/plane. And for Heaven's sake, people, DO NOT WEAR A TON OF JEWELRY IF YOU ARE FLYING. This will just annoy the security people and make them less likely to ignore the fact you are trying to sneak on three carry-on suitcases rather than two.

Hope this helped.

& Bon Voyage!

| post from Style File (my other fashion blog) / photo by Andy




Two weeks until Montreal. I can hardly believe it. For the first time in the history of this blog, one half of ad idem will be across the country from the other. Although I will miss my 'fraternal twin' dearly, I am most excited to be back in Canada's fashion capital!

To stay with this theme of change, I have re-discovered an old blogger that I was neglecting until very recently, and with this, a new muse. Mode d'Amour's style is effortlessly classic and minimalistic (the manner in which I live and breath) and her most recent post even includes the ZARA maxi skirt I have been lusting after for WEEKS. What I love most about her, however, is her absolutely flawless sense of proportion. This, my friends, is such a rare gift - even among we fashion bloggers. To style a look correctly, one must always maintain the proportions of the outfit, in addition to combining textures, shapes, colours and tones. Often someone will be wearing many trends squashed together, and though it might initially look very chic, something like the width of the belt or the length of the rolled sleeves can utterly destroy the effect. Sorry about lecturing on technicalities, but this is a very essential part of fashion to me; one that is often overlooked!

Anyway, Mode d'Amour does it excellently. Check her out! ;) Here

| photo wildfox


summer style. VANCOUVER









I just realized that Tamara had put my name on this post, so I should probably say something! The outfit shots are originally from Tamara's Vancouver Sun blog, Style File but we also wanted to showcase them for our Ad Idem readers! We went to downtown Vancouver and nervously asked some lovely ladies for their pictures. Fortunately, we didn't get any declines! The weather was perfect for some sweet summer outfits and we we're quite happy with the results. Oh, and yes that it Tamara at the bottom. I kind of snuck that one in. :)

| photos from Style File - taken by Natalie Graham


she likes neon.


For about as long as this blog has been around (over a year now!), I have openly shared my distaste for colour. Although that changed with the introduction of pastels, it has changed again! Albeit, slightly.. Neon. Yes I said it. NEON! No, no, NO. I am NOT talking about an entire outfit of neon, or even a large portion of one's outfit in neon. I am speaking about a tiny little highlight of neon, surrounded by neutrals. Even a light neon is great - I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it is possible! Check out my post on CW SS '10 - Valentino for a better idea of what I'm talking about.

| photos from style.com & monki