shoe lust.


I have loved these shoes since I first saw them in February. I predicted that this would be the next 'it' blogger shoe. Sadly, I lost sight of them for a while; what with midterms and then final exams, moving home for the summer, and starting up my new blog - I forgot. Today, however, when I read the latest by Mira (another Swedish blogger), I remembered this shoe instantly and fell in love all over again. So I thought I would share, because the image of this shoe (to some of us at least) certainly is a treat!

In other news, Natalie and I went out on the streets of downtown Vancouver on Wednesday, and amidst all the shoppers, tourists and locals - we took street style shots! A funny story will accompany these photos: a story that details our own picture being taken..by someone who didn't have permission!

Craving some Vancouver street-style right now? Check out my Vancouver Sun blog, Style File.

| photos from Balenciaga FW '10 on style.com

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