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Another stunning shoot. I am constantly in awe of photographers that can evoke such a powerful reaction in viewers as this one did in me. I felt obliged to post. Natalie's brother's graduation ceremony is tonight, but she has another post in the works and it should be up soon. In other news, I have a new apartment in Montreal. Think high ceilings and hardwood floors... two months now. Almost time to move back to the city that inspired me so very much.


bed head.



A trend I have recently been noticing is the head band. It's not the thin head bands that everyone used to wear that wrapped around your forehead. This piece is thicker and/or cinched at the top. I bought the one displayed above from H&M a couple weeks ago.


RESORT 2011.



Well, don't say we didn't warn you. The Seventies are back! Although I am not the biggest fan of this era (Natalie is), I was charmed by the luxe fabrics and stylish cuts on many of these pieces. I was especially wowed by the flared pant and the boots. Draping, a method used extensively this Spring, seems to have been reinvented once more by Lim, and I just love how the cloth hangs so delicately on the dresses. It was especially exciting, moreover, to see athletic wear, akin to Alexander Wang SS'10, formed into some sort of a jumper. Unfortunately I didn't include a photo of this, so you'll have to see the entire collection to know what I'm talking about! ;)


Wowee! I just adored every single one of these little suits! So chic, so classy and SO cute! YSL seems to have "lightened up" a tad, according to style.com's Nicole Phelps, and was apparently inspired by the Seventies! The colour blocking was fabulous, and the maxi-skirt is something we will be seeing more of next season, I promise you!


So.. Although I am not usually the biggest fan of John Galliano, I was incredibly impressed with this particular Dior collection. Of course I had to get used to the flamboyant colours and bold lines, but once I did, I really fell in love! I think that Galliano's allusion to the Sixties, a decade that I am particularly enamored with, also helped. This favourable opinion, once acquired, was only encouraged as the brilliant purples, flashy pinks, soft sea foam greens and bright whites flashed by with each click of my mouse.


Oh Chanel.. Yes and no. Yes! to Seventies inspired jumpers, hot pants, floppy brimmed hats, camel boots, sheer fabrics, pale pinks, and high-waisted trousers. No! to denim mini skirts, enlarged quasi-mesh person coverings, and red striped house-coats.. Lagerfeld mixed the old with the new this season - something he rarely does - but did so with an incredibly innovative flair. The outcome? Both positive and negative. Having said that, I really did enjoy the Seventies flash-back (something we're seeing with many designers), and my only hope is that the Sixties is next. I have a feeling that Karl Lagerfeld would EXCEL with inspiration from that decade.


One of my favourite resort lines this year, Rag & Bone appears more fall/winter than summer in this collection. They won't be getting any scolding for this from me, however, because I thought the entire thing was stunning. I loved the chocolate brown boyfriend blazer and the thick fabric slouch trouser in particular, but I was MOST enamoured with the way in which the pieces were layered. The longer sleeve underneath the shorter top/jacket was simply genius and made each look utterly sumptuous.


It's a sad day when Burberry fails to impress me. In the past I have been stunned by the label's designs (in particular Burberrry's SS '10), and in comparison, this collection disappointed me. I did, however, get excited over the new way that the fabric was manipulated. I'm not even sure what to call this method! Bunched up with some stitching, perhaps? Apart from the fabric's detailing, I also enjoyed how many of the hem lines came to the knee.


Quite similar to his Fall/Winter '10 line - Wang was fairly constant in his cuts with this line. When I say cuts, I am referring to the hem lines and placement of his pieces. Most looks included high waisted shorts and cropped tops - I love this! I am so bored with high waisted skirts. High waisted shorts, however, are an entirely different matter. I say, keep them coming! Something else that intrigued me from this line: the weird layering on some of his bottom pieces. Skirts? Shorts? A shirt tied around? Whatever it is, I like it.

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