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So I know I finished my fashion week coverage a month and a half ago, but I recently read about these two Canadian designers in the latest issue of FLARE - Rad Hourani and Jeremy Laing - and I just had to write something. These two relatively new names were included in the Canadian magazine as 'up and coming', and I was intrigued as soon as I saw the runway shots. It is nice to see that Canada is becoming increasingly influential in the fashion world; however, even if these men weren't Canadian, I would remain impressed with their designs.


Gorgeous. Of course, as you all know, I am a big fan of black. This season many colours were introduced to our previously suppressed hue pallet; however, it is always nice to just see plain black. Furthermore, the beautiful cuts and lines of this collection more than made up for its rather monotone colour scheme. Hourani is receiving a lot of attention these days - especially for his seemingly rebellious consistency, season after season. Another thing that makes his designs fascinating? Their obvious lack of gender. I have always been captivated by androgyny and I just love how Hourani manipulates the features of each of his pieces to make them appropriate for both sexes. That there is talent. I've said it before, but I'll say it again.. YES! to high collars.


This second Canadian designer clearly has a wider thematic scope - and I just love his designs! Liang, like many other designers this season, used fur. However, his use of it was classy and simplistic. I thought the flared-sleeve thick fur coat with the oversized hood was an especially exciting piece - not to mention one quite like my own. His layering was equally as interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed how he paired a shorter vest (leather and fur) with a longer top. Pay attention here people - these tops were draped and not tight at the hem. The other 'coat' (pictured above) was of a finer fur (similar to the pelts used in Valentino RTW FW '10) and hung just as elegantly. As Liang himself is quoted as saying, "There are Northern elements [in the line], but they are presented in a more refined way." Just lovely. :)

In other news, I am home now - back on the Coast. I also just found out that the vintage long-velvet vest I presented in my closet video, once belonged to my great-great grandmother. Think early 1900s - WOW! I'm also hoping Natalie will do a post soon - the blog misses her!

| photos from style.com

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