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Amazing. Beautiful. Stunning. Perfect. Gorgeous. These are just a few of the words being used to describe this collection by fellow bloggers. And I completely agree with them. No, Lanvin didn't really stick to the conventional classic tone for fall/winter '10, Yes, we have seen dark feathers like this in previous seasons - but who cares?! The gold detailing was amazing, the fabrics luxurious, and the mood - dark and mysterious. And let me say it..I don't hate these purses at all, despite their size! I don't really like the pointy toe that we can see on many runways this season, and I think this line would have been better fitted to an 09 collection - but it's still beautiful. The high necks were well done and it makes me think that, for this season, neck lines should either be dangerously low, or incredibly high. I also loved the choker necklaces & collars.


Not bad Galliano. You can see that this collection really stayed true to the same theme as the Dior couture show, and I was expecting something hideously overdone. Of course, typical Dior, it was very decadent, but several of the looks (pictured above) were lovely. Galliano is said to have been inspired by the 17th century second Earl of Rochester, and it's clear that he took to the idea of the 'debauched aristocrat and the bawdy poet' to heart. The fabrics used were very floaty and elegant, and the colour scheme similarly light. There were also many thigh-high boots. You can see that this is somewhat of a cross-runway thing - almost all the shows thus far have been displaying this shoe. Ugh..I still really need to buy leather wrappings for mine.


If I could do an entire post on Balmain, I would. Can I just say what is hopefully on everybody's mind? WOW. I wasn't a huge fan of the leopard print, because I feel like that pattern has really been exhausted over the past few months, but every other look was just amazing. Especially with the overall Renaissance/Louis XIV tone. There is that saying about how wrong it is to gild a rose, but really, in this case, just do it! Structured shoulders (of which I am still a fan), intricate gold detailing (similar to cavalli and pucci), loose scarves, sheer materials, and dangerously low neck-lines. Love it!


I definitely noticed the use of lighter pastels in this collection, as I'm sure you did too. For a fall line, the tones were pretty light, and this is actually surprising because most other shows for the season were displaying deeper hues such as charcoal, navy, black, and red. Of course there was the odd white and cream here and there, but these were mainly reserved for the SS lines. Not that I don't like it. I find it quite refreashing - after all, why must we conform to seasonal norms? The shoes are also quite interesting..keep an eye on them ladies & gentlemen, Balenciaga shoes have a habit of turning up in massive numbers on all the fashion blogs.

...as the shows continue to roll in I will be updating, but I thought I should get these out there - they deserve to be seen! In other news, Natalie is coming home for the weekend and I am anxious to be reunited with my bubba & partner in crime.

| photos from style.com

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