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Love Michael Kors - I have liked his designs even before I really got into fashion. Although I don't like his excessive use of furs, as nice as they might look, I still really enjoyed this collection. I thought it was funny how many of the models, both male and female, were wearing leg warmers over their shoes/boots. This was something that I tried last May for fun, so it is a little bit interesting for me to see it on the runway. To be fair, I never tried it over strappy platforms. As well this line wasn't exactly incredibly innovative, I believe I saw over a dozen circle scarves, and I can't tell you how tired I am of those! Every single person on my campus, it seems, has one, and gone are the days when I felt unique wearing mine in Montreal. I did like the deep v-necks, sheer fabrics, tailored trouser, and combination of grays and tans in a single outfit. So for that, I applaud Kors.


I must be in a good mood today or something - but I really liked this collection too. Not going to lie, the graphic prints were a little bit busy for my taste, but if done correctly, could result in an amazing look. I have no doubt that we will soon see many celebrities wearing that mini doll dress around the streets of New York and LA (yellow), and probably at least one of the Olsen twins. If I had the money I would buy the shoes they used in this show in one second - so incredible!


WOW. Ok so this is one of those times when it is really important, if you are in love with fashion, to go see the whole collection! To save space I only post four of the looks for each designer, but there is so much variety that you are doing yourself, AND your opinion of the line, an injustice by only looking at the shots I post. Anna Sui outdid herself in this line, in my opinion, as far as maximalism goes. This notion dates back to a post I did in August, specifically the idea that models can sometimes be nothing more than really pretty clothes' hangers. I wouldn't necessarily advise anyone to wear these pieces all together like the show was styled - but hey, if that's what you like! The colours were very exuberant and eye catching, and the designs on some of these pieces were just stunning! For example, the red tight with an orange asian design on the knee - wow! So cool. I also liked the use of the low heeled mary-janes. Having said that, I don't think I, personally, would ever wear any of these clothes, but they sure are nice to look at! (Save the fur rimmed boots - ick)


Now this is what I'm talking about! The whole collection this season by 3.1 Phillip Lim was just spectacular, and I loved almost every piece; there were, however, a few purple sparkly numbers that I'm not so sure about. Lim used many of the great spring colours: the beiges, and nudes, yet at the same time he artfully integrated the fall/winter charcoals into his pieces. This styling is similar to that of Derek Lam who I also enjoyed very much this week. Some of my favourite looks, though perhaps not all included above, were the flared 70s trouser, the middle-high waisted shorts that resemble costumes from the tv show the Tudors (amazing!), billowy white blouses, butterfly jackets, and front suspenders. Excellent!  


What recession? I had to include Oscar de la Renta, simply because he is incredibly divine..usually. This season though, I didn't find myself in awe. Perhaps, like with Anna Sui, it was simply because I would never personally wear any of these clothes.  I just thought it was a bit over done, and an overly exaggerated statement of 'hah, I'm luxurious'. I do really find that bright tangerine dress beautiful though.  Moreover, although the floor length ball room gown isn't something that ad idem would normally post a picture of, I felt a duty to - it being Oscar de la Renta and all.   

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  1. very good wrap up. I loved Philip Lim and Proenza :)