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Ok! I know that I am way behind on this one.. Well actually I'm not because I first saw photos from this show way back in September when it premiered in London, BUT I haven't posted anything of it on ad idem until now. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! This is BY FAR my favourite SS10 collection and I defy you to watch the entire show without dying of happiness. First of all, the pastels were flawless. Sea foam green, baby pinks, lilac, light blues and charcoals, beiges.. WOW. Secondly, the wrapping, not unlike the Valentino CTR10 I suppose, accompanied with the shoulder detail... *sigh* there are literally no words. Also, notice the belt - ladies & gentlemen, it is not higher up than the middle of the waist! Small detail, but ever so important. But I think I've just grown sickened by the empire-waist belting because people in my town NEVER STOPPED. Anyway, thought I would share - I should be studying for exams and writing papers yada yada, but instead I've spent the past hour staring completely awestruck at this show! 

PS. those shiny silver leggings? let's just say I really don't hate them. 


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