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FASHION WEEK[s]. F/W 10 . partthree


...wrapping it up


Ahh! Orange, flowy knee-length skirts, pointy toe, beading, kitten heels.. but also high collars, velvet, corals, asemmetrical cuts.. I'm not too sure what I think. I liked many of the details of the pieces, but the over all look was less than appealing - perhaps because it seemed to cater to a much older audience than we 20 year olds girls. Who knows. Oh, and although Natalie and I have accepted that smaller purses are on their way in, those mini purses make me want to cry. HIDEOUS.


The fashion industry has already done lace, and I felt that the tailored blazers were a little bit boring, but I suppose that was the point of the line. Not to be boring, but to bring D&G away from only catering to excentric celebrities and to make it widely more accessible and appealing to women in general. This was posited further when, like many other shows this season, the runway was streamed live. Although the notion of 'bringing it back to the basics' is nice for those who buy D&G for their staple pieces, I prefer my runway fashion to be a little bit more out there.


I love this man. That third look, with the detailing on the black pant, and for that matter the other flared pant - WOW. The Fashion Spot recently published an article on their website describing the big five on this season's runway: velvet, the longer length, fur, mixed prints, and leather - and one can see the second of these 'trends' interpreted very nicely by Pucci. The others - velvet, fur, mixed prints, and leather are somewhat boring because they are not really new (See the plethora of months-old posts for further proof).


This collection was truly amazing. I love how every piece was flowy and light, and yet the tone was somewhat sombre. Meryl and I went shopping yesterday and I was badgering her about how I'm tired of oversized scarves. Thank you Roberto for ending my woes - these long and thin wrap scarves are PERFECT for the spring season, and even more so for the fall. The elongated dresses were also stunning, and although the prints were incredibly busy, somehow it works! The sheer materials and intricate golden designs allude to the fourteenth century Italian Renaissance, and are indescribably beautiful.


Humm.. Well obviously I didn't like any of the bags because I think designer monogram bags are vile. Having said that, I liked that the thigh high boot was virtually indistinguishable from a pant - basically what I was hoping for a week ago after the Burberry line, and I also liked that deep necks, shiny (suede?) pant and again, the thin flowy scarves. Not bad Gucci.


Well they definitely know what they are doing. I once read a quote by Ashley Olsen, or perhaps it was Mary-Kate, and it basically explained that, although they are very aware of the trends, the girls don't really factor them into their fashion visions. I find that fascinating because its quite similar to how Natalie and I think. There are many 'trends' that we'll see coming, and literally DREAD, and refuse to wear them, and truly the only things we ever wear are pieces that we love. Love..not for the fact that they are 'ahead', but because they look good and almost bring a new layer to one's self expression. For example, the first December after university started, I fell in love with hard core, and could really explore that whole look which I had never done before. ANYWAYS - I love the fabrics in this collection, especially the sheers and lighter, floaty fabrics. The cut of the skirt is also very appropriate to the season. Kudos MK+A.


Really strange, but really interesting too! I liked the cuts - I thought they were fascinating, and the hem of the dresses were so short = something else I like! Especially the first dress, the tee shirt sleeve is cute. Hum.. Now that the long sleeve is on its way out, I can really see that coming in.


This man is GENIUS. I'll admit, when I first saw the photos of this collection, I wasn't blown away, but now that I look at the detailing of the line - I have changed my opinion. First of all, I love that half these models look like they aren't wearing pants. Sorry, I'm not a pervert or something like that, but I am very obsessed with top heavy, light bottom styling. With the overbearing shoulders and structured cuts of some of these quasi-military jackets, and the tight/legging. WOW. I also am completely obsessed with the buckle boots!! Tall and short, both are gorgeous. It also seems that I was just in time DIYing my thigh highs. Something I really have to start wearing is longer pieces with the boots so that you can't really tell that they are footwear. I like the look of them when they almost become a pant. For this collection, and last season's.. I will always love this designer. & keep popping your pea coat collar people!! We like it!

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thrift store buys.


I was extremely bored today so I decided to go thrifting! I love going to the Salvation Army in my hometown because I can find so many great things for ridiculously good prices. My favourite buy from today was by far my burnt brown leather sac purse. In addition, I am so excited I finally found a tan blazer because that piece will be great for spring and summer.

Also, my computer is under maintenance at the moment so I will post my lookbook outtakes in a couple of days!


leather purse

leather loafers

pastel green blouse + faux fur vest; Winners



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wir sind träumer.


we are dreamers

velvet legging; vintage faux fur collar; leather boot; vintage blouse

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