show some skin.


Aside from displaying a picture of the beautiful, albeit incredibly strange, McQueen shoe I have been lusting after for a few months now, I also thought I would just write a quick blurb about a trend we've been watching for a while now. It's still relatively new, and hasn't really hit the streets yet but it's definitely around. Anyway, in July Natalie bought a cropped tee which was never worn, and just recently a cropped wool sweater. Both are cut off around the ribcage, and are ideally worn with a high-waisted bottom piece. What is really interesting to see though, is the transition away from the longer shirt. The waist line too will gradually descend, as the shirt ascends, leaving a larger gap in between. This will probably show up on the runway in greater numbers around SS '11 - so people, get ready to show some skin!

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