I'd rather go naked.

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**very graphic content - watch at your own discretion**

So in the past ad idem has somewhat condoned the wearing of fur in the name of fashion, but just recently we received a message from a reader and high school classmate who hoped that we would promote an anti-fur campaign against the Diesel brand on our blog. Because we do have an international following, she hoped it would somewhat further the cause - and we happily agreed. Although both Natalie and I have said in the past that fur looks good, we are both vegetarians and only advocate the use of faux or second-hand fur. Neither she nor I own any real fur, and we certainly don't support the actions of the fur industry. Previous posts that have contained images of fur do so solely to represent the current fashion trends, and we leave it up to you to judge.

Here is where we hope to appeal to your sympathies. Here is a LINK to the PETA website. If you take, literally 30 seconds, as I have just done to fill in your name and e-mail address you can let the executives of Diesel know that what they are doing is not okay - besides, Diesel only makes cute denim; everything else is ugly. There is also the above video on the site, but I do warn you, it is VERY GRAPHIC. However, sometimes such methods are incredibly useful in changing public attitudes and therefore necessary. If you are going to wear fur, you really should know exactly what is happening in order for you to do so.

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